How does simple system work?

System features

The procurement of C items depends on a great effort by procurement staff. Thanks to simple system, you can always simplify recurring tasks to quickly manage the search process, creating shopping baskets and processing order transactions. Below you will find a selection of features that the platform offers.

Faster, better, simpler

The new article search function

Continuous optimisations help to improve the usability and operation of the platform. To offer customers easy indirect procurement, simple system has developed a new article search function for the platform. 

This new search function gives the users multiple ways of finding an articles from the extensive pool of suppliers and products. It offers numerous filter options and criteria from which to create a selection. The search function offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Option to search across all suppliers
  • Ability to filter by supplier-specific features
  • Additional features added to the filter (colour, width, height, depth, diameter, manufacturer, etc.)
  • Faster searches
  • Search by e-class certification
  • Sorting by price

This means that not only can your purchasing department find a specific article more easily, but it will also save time on product searches, freeing up your employee’s resources to focus on the key tasks of procurement.

More efficient purchasing guaranteed by the new article search function.

Generate shopping basket from barcodes

Scanner connectivity

Create orders even easier with the scanner feature. Create barcodes for products via the platform. An independent scanner exports the data as a CSV file. You can easily upload the file to the platform and generate orders quickly.

Software information

The scanners can be used with all common software applications. The special scanner software by PR solutions can still be used for systems up to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 10.

Interested in the scanner feature?

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Your favourite items at a glance

Favourites lists

Do you regularly order the same product? simple system makes the ordering process easy so that you don’t have to search the entire catalogue with each new order. Save the products easily in a list and access your favourite items quickly and simply. Favourites can only be edited by the administrator who also decides what and how much of the list users can actually view.

How can I create a favourites list?

1. Click on “Favourites”
2. Choose a name for your favourites list
3. Click on “Create”
4. Enter your products
5. Determine the visibility for other users by the “for all users’” feature

How can I edit an existing favourites list?

Favourites lists which have already been created can be edited at any time. The following options for editing the lists are available:

  • Add and delete products
  • View a full description of the company
  • Delete the entire list

Test our favourites lists in the demo access.

Open demo access

Order transactions – book incoming goods easily

Processing an order status

The status of orders placed can be accessed via the platform. Orders can be filtered according to different criteria in order to find them easer in the order list.

The status of an order is kept up-to-date by a single click. Goods received can be confirmed simply by clicking on the icon. For partial deliveries, the individual items can be entered via the quantity. Additionally, payments or even partial payments can also be approved. The back arrow can be used to delete entries for goods received. The administrator can enable these features for users. 

Manage profiles and cost centres

Conduct general searches

The platform can be managed easily and independently with the help of the administration feature. Purchasing can designate one or more persons as an administrator. The administrator has authorisation to create profiles for additional users. The administrator can grant or limit rights to use the platform, manage cost centres, and send new suppliers enquiries. 

The administrator can make the following changes:

  • Manage accounts, account allocation
  • Manage cost centres
  • Manage item numbers
  • Manage and create users/user groups
  • Supplier settings
  • Activate/deactivate catalogues according to ecl@ss classification
  • Block individual items
  • Assign vendor numbers
  • Account allocation according to ecl@ss
  • Reporting


Setting up your profile

For queries regarding administration, please ring our customer care team on

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View all order processes

Transparency in procurement

As a purchaser, you want to know that everything is in good hands. Thanks to the reporting feature, the administrator can view all the details of an order transaction.

An order can be passed through a 4-stage approval process before it goes to the supplier. Authorisers are assigned who check orders before sending them specifically for this purpose.

To receive information about all previous orders, you can view statistics, download and then edit them in your spreadsheet program. This provides you with all key information about:

  • Cost centres created
  • Turnover per cost centre
  • Supplier distribution
  • Number of work orders
  • Number of users/user groups
  • Number of orders
  • Order volume
  • Average values
  • and much more

ERP system for automating processes

Connectivity to ERP

Already have an existing ERP system? Take advantage of the connectivity offered by the platform for your ERP system. It saves on time and work for the ordering process. Orders are electronically transferred directly to your ERP system via simple system. This prevents duplicate manual entries in both systems.

simple system has already connected the platform to the following ERP systems:

  • proAlpha
  • ABAS
  • Navision
  • Microsoft AX
  • Sage
  • and others

Do you have an enterprise resource planning system?

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Even better connectivity

New SAP interface

Communication between simple system and your SAP is now even easier thanks to a standardised processing logic and predefined field values for SAP/ERP. You can easily work through error lists and make corrections to them.

Interested in connectivity to SAP?

Simply get in touch with us and schedule an appointment with one of our consultants to learn more about integrating simple system.