What customers have to say

Success in practice

Schoeller Werk

Manufacturer of stainless steel pipes (>1,000 employees)

“Shortly after implementing simple system, we were able to see initial savings in costs and time."
(Uwe Peters, Business Unit Manager for Purchasing non-production materials)

A high demand for C items gave us the idea to search for a less expensive procurement option. simple system is impressive thanks to easy approaches which are tailored to our company. Our aim to optimise procurement processes, thereby reducing costs at the same time, has already satisfied customers shorty after implementation. Purchasing will receive some relief in procuring C items and has freed up resources for the actual core business.

Gerresheimer AG

Manufacturer of glass and synthetic products for the pharmaceutical industry
(> 11,000 employees)

“We were convinced by simple system and by the successful implementation and fast integration into our SAP interface.”
(Fritz Hametner, Global Category Manager)

In order to reduce processing costs, it was important for us to be able to implement simple system in our procurement process. After making contact and activating the catalogues we created an interface to SAP. Using the platform is very simple and intuitive We were thus able to see a positive development shortly thereafter. The time and effort that went into procuring of C items has been reduced by a lower number of suppliers and significantly better purchasing conditions.


Development partner of the automotive industry; Companies of KSPG AG (11,000 people)

“A uniform search mask and order interface played a key role as to why we opted for simple system.”
(Michael Weigt, Group Leader of overheads Shopping)

The high volume of small-scale orders from the office supplies, DIN tools and pneumatic components product groups brought us to this platform. A long-standing simple system customer from the automotive industry gave us the recommendation. After quickly integrating the system, not only where the small-scale orders reduced but so too were administrative expenses. Further added value such as high transparency in orders or faster procurement for spare parts supply have convinced us of what simple system can do.

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