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The procurement platform for C items

simple system

simple system was founded in 2000 with the goal to reduce procurement costs of C items. It bundles the ranges of numerous suppliers together on a single platform. The availability of specially negotiated prices, connectivity to ERP and qualified advice from your simple system liaison simplify the procurement process even more.

Did you know ...

... that procurement of your C items makes up 80% of the price?

Think that's quite a lot? So do we! That’s why simple system has made it their task to offer companies a more affordable option for procuring C items.

The solution

simple system as a central point for procuring C items

Think of simple system as a funnel:

Suppliers enter their catalogues and product ranges
Simple system combines this wide variety of suppliers and products for you
It gives you a central point for procuring C items

1,500 active customers and 40,000 users

You, too, can optimise your purchasing with simple system

“Outsourcing purchasing was never an issue for us. Procurement of C-items is still in my hands and was optimised by us in-house. Telephone contact as well as on-site consultation were successful in helping us during this process.”
(Ein satisfied purchaser from the metal industry)

Features customers love

The scanner

Create shopping baskets event faster and easier. Thanks to the use of barcodes, data can be easily itemised in the system regardless of the scanner manufacturer.

Big benefits bring you closer to

Your suppliers

Already have long-standing suppliers and wish to use simple system together with them?
Get your partners is on board and keep your previously negotiated terms.
Further information under Suppliers.

simple system in use in companies

Success Stories

“Affordable procurement option.” 

“Smooth connectivity to ERP.”

“Easy to use thanks to standardisation."

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on what´s new

Kunden- und Lieferantentag in Eppstein

Unser Kunden- und Lieferantentag, dieses mal in Eppstein bei Frankfurt am Main, war wieder ein voller Erfolg. Viele Informationen, Diskussionen und Ausblicke in die Zukunft durften uns und die Teilnehmer dort erwarten.

Unsere simple system Berater stellten das System der Beschaffungsplattform vor. Gerne besuchen unsere Berater Sie auch direkt vor Ort und unterstützen Sie mit Gesprächen zum Thema und Integrationsprojekten.

Für alle Interessierten, die dieses Jahr noch keine Gelegenheit hatten an unserer Roadshow teilzunehmen: Nutzen Sie unseren letzten Halt in 2017 am 11.10 in Köln. Wir freuen uns auf neues Feedback von Kunden- wie auch von Lieferantenseite.

Anmeldungen sind noch möglich unter www.simplesystem.com/roadshow