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Data privacy statement - and

simple system GmbH & Co. KG considers the protection of personal data to be an important matter. We protect such data with the help of technical and organisational measures. The following section tells you what kind of information is stored when you visit our website.

The storage of access data while visiting our website.

In accordance with normal practice, the provider’s IP address is logged when the website is visited. This involves recording the date, the time, the pages viewed, the quantity of data transferred, the page from which you visited our website and your computer’s IP address. You can use your browser’s settings to deactivate the storage of cookies. In such a case, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use all the functions of our websites.

Your rights.

You can, at any time, obtain information from simple system GmbH & Co. KG regarding the data related to you that has been saved by us. Furthermore, you also have the right to amend the data if it happens to be incorrect. If you so desire, your data can also be deleted or locked. You may confidently contact our data protection officer at any time in this regard.

Data that you use to register with us.

When you register with simple system GmbH & Co. KG on, you acknowledge that we do, for the purpose of initiating and concluding a contract with the suppliers of simple system GmbH & Co. KG which have been listed on our website, collect, save and process personal data [such as companies, names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and (if applicable) fax numbers]. You also acknowledge that we then forward this data to the suppliers chosen by you.

Data that we may use to provide you with information.

In order to ensure that we will be able to guarantee that you remain well-informed in the future, you acknowledge that simple system GmbH & Co. KG -as well as our suppliers - may, at the time of registration, send you an e-mail that you can use to sign up for marketing measures or e-mails containing either general information or promotional material. After registration, if you no longer want to receive such material in the future, you can revoke this consent at any time by sending an e-mail to info(at)

Data that enables us to pursue self-improvement in your best interests.

We use certain tools in order to ensure that we can improve our services in a targeted manner. An overview of the tools that we use can be found here:

New Relic

Our website, i.e., uses the services of New Relic Inc., 188 Spear Street, Suite 1200 San Francisco, CA 94105, USA. New Relic is a web analysis tool that collects the user data of a website, in order to analyse the performance of the website and monitor it. For example, this could be done in order to improve the load times of individual parts of the website. The user data is collected in an anonymised manner. does not forward users’ personal data to New Relic. New Relic uses cookies for this purpose, which are stored with the site’s users. You can prevent these cookies from being stored at any time by making the appropriate adjustment in your browser’s security settings. New Relic’s data privacy statement can be viewed here:

Our data protection officer - At your service.

Protecting your data is very important to us, as is the task of ensuring that it is stored, used and processed in accordance with the regulations. We have appointed a data protection officer so that we will be able to provide such a guarantee. If you have any questions regarding your data, you can contact the data protection officer at any time by sending an e-mail to datenschutz(at)